"Elisabeth is good at asking the right question at the right time to force the unknown to be explored! I really enjoyed the session and the energy"

"Elisabeth knows exactly which questions to ask to help me better understand my business and how to grow it. Her enthusiasm and wealth of experience make it a pleasure to interact with her"

"Elisabeth is truly passionate about helping small businesses grow. Her enthusiasm, knowledge of marketing, and ability to help you look at your business in a different way is gold"

"Elisabeth’s knowledge and passion for business is contagious…she is able to piece your business together to help you run things more efficiently and effectively"

"Working with Elisabeth has turned my business around. In the past 6 months I have secured a contract worth 500k, taken on a team of staff and gone global"

"In just one month, we have smashed our financial targets, after not having hit them for months"

"Since working with Elisabeth my sales have increased by 90%, I have doubled the amount of revenue streams I had before, and I get more done in my working week"

"Elisabeth helped me to triple my income by identifying my true target market and then putting a new sales strategy together to reach them"


Sirin Ortanca

Working with Elisabeth has been such a pleasure. Firstly, she is exceptionally friendly, really cares about your success and has an incredible amount of knowledge in the fields of business, mindset and energetics.

She is a very hands on coach; and combines both mindset and strategy to get real results. She has helped me pivot in my business; get real clarity, seeing where it fits in the market, what my ideal client looks like, my next steps, and how much I should be charging; my prices have now increased by 25%. 

She has also helped me restructure my business in a way that links my passions and talents and in turn is facilitating faster growth for me. I initially only had a few sessions but have quickly realised that my work with Elisabeth is not done and have signed up for a full programme and really can’t wait. I am so glad that I reached out to her, and have found more than a coach in Elisabeth.

Sirin Ortanca,

Emotional Wellbeing & Life Coach

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Toni Marie Taherian

I believe what makes Elisabeth different is her ability to see the bigger picture and identify your strengths and unique talents fast. She helped me to see where my true passions and purpose lie and how that fits with the overall vision of my life. Now this is all aligned everything feels easier and I have far more drive. She really pushes you to become the best version of yourself. I love her work and since working with her I believe she has directed me onto my true path which has made me feel more fulfilled and integrated.


Elisabeth not only does as she promises she far exceeded my expectations. She is very creative and I loved working with her

Toni Marie Taherian

Relationship & Wellbeing Coach