6 Techniques to Change your Life

Discovering I was made of energy completed revolutionized my life as I began to realise that life was only as hard as I was making it. 


Fast forward a couple of years and as I look back these are the tools and techniques that I have used to transform my life.


My hope is that they will transform your life too. 

How to practise EFT (Tapping) 

Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping is one of those techniques which can transform your life overnight. It works by tapping on energy centre's around your body in order to release stagnating or stuck energy.


When we start to feel stuck in life, our energy is stuck and amazingly we can reduce that stuck or confused feeling by getting our energy back in flow again. 

Tune in to this free guided meditation to get you relaxed, focused and clear so you can get on with a more successful day.