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Why your Vision needs to be big

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Why do we need a Vision and what's the difference between vision, mission and purpose (and why do we need those too)?

You can think of your Vision as the meaning of your life; why you are here; what you want to do whilst you are alive.....all these sorts of statements sum up your Vision well, because by default your Big Vision is all about you and what you want to be doing with your life. Your purpose is more about your customers and why you want to help them, and your mission is how you are going to do that.

For example if you are a coach then your big Vision could be that you want to make a positive difference in the world or you want to change the world. Your purpose could be that you want to make people feel better aka you never want anyone to feel like you did and that's what inspires you to show up for your clients every day. Then your mission is how you are going to do that aka what you are committed to doing in order to hep you achieve that Vision.

What you actually sell in your business can involve anything you specifically want to do or you can base it around the type of business model you want to have. This could include the 1:1 model where you create programs and work with individuals on a higher fee or the 1:many model where you create memberships or group coaching and charge a lower fee. It could also involve having many different revenue channels from products, to affiliates to e-books and more. Whatever you decide to do though if you are marketing yourself online I would always have different price points so that you can create a sales funnel and take people on a journey through your business. Online, people need to see your name around 7-10 times before they will buy and even then you need to earn their trust, so giving them something low priced to buy means they can try you out first and then gradually move up to paying higher prices when you have proven yourself.

So, getting back to that big Vision, what is yours and how do you find it?

Think about what has meaning for you now in this world? What do you believe in? What are your core values? You can use the table below to choose up to 5 core values. It's best to keep it to a small amount so that you can be more laser focused on what you are passionate about. For example my vision is to empower CEO's, business leaders and entrepreneurs to tap into their energy, work on their mindset (which energetically is the same thing) and make tangible results in their work. Essentially the more we work on our mind the more success we achieve, but I also use my 30 years of business expertise to help them achieve tangible results too. My mission is my commitment to normalizing this way of working and demystifying the terminology by using evidence and facts to help people understand the benefits, which are:

  • we are energetic beings made of energy, not matter, as we currently believe, and we exist in an energetic universe.

  • we can improve our lives and create a new reality by changing our energy; working from the inside out.

  • the wonders and advantages of the energy field around us and how we can tap into it to super charge our lives and improve our business success.

  • the innate super gifts that we have that make us all super humans, including being able to heal ourselves and others using energies and frequencies.

  • reading the energy fields of ourselves and others to provide them with deeper, more useful information for clear sight, improved clarity and more wisdom.

As you can tell I am very passionate about this. What are you passionate about? What gets your blood boiling or excites you from within? What stirs you inside or ignites that passion? What do you believe in with all your heart? I have always believed that everyone should have the right to achieve their full potential which is why I specialised in human development in my business degree and did my Masters in personnel development.

Think about what your purpose is too? What do you want to do for your customers? How do you want to make them feel? How do you want to change their lives? Why? The answers are always in the Why. Maybe start by filling in the blanks to this sentence:

I help <insert who you work with> to <insert what you do> so that they can <insert the results you get for people>.

If you are new to finding your Vision then be patient and start delving down deep into yourself now to understand what makes you tick as it can take time. If you have been in business for a while then you probably already know your Vision and Mission, but if you are feeling fed up or your mojo has gone then it might be time to review it to see if you are still aligned. Why not book an energetic check up (complete with energy healing) or get your business energetically aligned again? This is always worth doing as it can help your business to accelerate so fast because your business has an energetic blueprint too.

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