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Why visionaries and leaders go on holiday as soon as business starts going downhill

Updated: Aug 25

Visionaries inherently understand the laws of the universe, because they are so in tune with their inner world, their overarching vision and their inner self, that they know when they need to take a step back and re-align with their energy again. They know that when things start to go wrong or business starts to fail, that they need to get centered and back in flow again. But how many of us are doing this?

Working harder and harder, pushing yourself beyond your limitations will not get you to success, but most small business owners I meet are doing this. Trying to stay in the synchronistic state through mediation, contemplation and working on yourself is fundamental. Of course I am not saying that doing sales or marketing won't help. Neither am I saying that reviewing your overheads or cutting costs won't help. I am saying that when business starts to feel like wading through treacle backwards or several things start going wrong, this is not the time to panic buy, panic sell or panic at all. This is the time to reconnect with your core through meditation, energetic alignment and energetic thinking, so you can pull back your energy, find clarity and focus, and use it to create the 'new'. It doesn't have to be complicated either, and you don't have to fly to Barbados, unless you want to, you just have to incorporate a morning routine into your life. One hour of meditation is a must so you can access your higher mind on a daily basis, plus sitting in high vibrational feelings for at least 10 minutes. Or try keeping a gratitude journal if this works better for you.

These are all things I do in my life, and it has radically changed the way I work - I have more clarity, increased confidence, less stress and have far more insight into my business. I even write better content and gone are the days of staring into my computer wondering what to write that morning! It really has been revolutionary.

If you want help getting energetically aligned then book a call HERE and let's talk.

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