What is the 5th dimension and how can it benefit our lives?

The 5th dimension is not a place to go. It's a state of being or level of consciousness. It’s probably best described as the Gamma brainwave, because this brainwave is often referred to as the ‘Love’ brainwave and we will get to the 5th dimension through love – self love, love of others, compassion, peace etc.

The 5th Dimension can be seen as The Energy Field, and as such when our levels of consciousness have raised to that higher vibration we are at one with the field and our super abilities and talents. The 5th Dimension is a higher vibrational frequency and consists of love, peace, compassion, gratitude and more.

Consciousness is ‘awareness’ and refers to our level of awareness. For example, we are currently in the 3rd or 4th Dimension because that is where our level of awareness currently sits. This equates to the Beta and Alpha brainwaves, because these are the brainwaves that deal or perceive physical reality. So 3rd and 4th dimensions are physical, lower density and thus have a lower level of consciousness.

We are aware of the physical world around us and see the physical world in 3-D, because that’s all we need to survive. But we are now beginning to move out of the Survival state and into the Thriving state and to do that we need to move into a higher dimension. The 5th dimension is a more ‘energy’ state, a higher vibrational state, and a more loving state than the lower ones. It is more energy, lighter and more expanded. We will still have physical bodies but we will be lighter and sitting more in our energy body, so there will be less density. We will naturally feel more loving towards each other and ourselves.


In a sense, when you think about the entire universe being made of energy, including physical matter, everything is energy, and energy consists of frequency and vibrational resonance. Consciousness is thought to underpin even the subatomic world and creates matter – the physical form. Which is how we create our own reality or world. What we think we then create – these thoughts become an entity of their own, often leading to Energy Pendulums as Vadim Zeland says or Egregores, as they are also known. Energetic entities that we create and then get trapped in – in the collective conscious – such as collective beliefs that we hold, or even what we get fed in the mainstream news. I’m not saying the news is not real, I am simply saying that mainstream media creates egregores of its own, because millions of people are watching the same things, which goes into their subconscious mind and creates certain collective thoughts, that we then share between us.

Consciousness flows through us, but if we have too much density in our bodies – too many trapped negative emotions – then consciousness will not be able to flow effectively. So, energy work is all about clearing out this density because the more you do this, the more you can receive the natural abundance and prosperity that is all around you all of the time, and improve your health and wellbeing. Of course, this work can take time, because our energy bodies have many layers and not only have we built up many layers of pain, judgement, fear and suffering in this lifetime but we have carried much over from other lifetimes too. We also inherit it from our parents as the latest science, such as Epigenetics is showing.


Luckily, we have had some help. On the 21st of December 2019 Planet Earth moved into the 5th dimension. And this is because physically, she moved into a new place in space, which adjusted her vibration. As the laws of attraction demonstrate, this new position is attracting more higher vibrational energies to it, because it's all about vibrational resonance, and the fact that Earth is now vibrating at a higher vibration herself means that she's attracting higher vibrational energies to her. All these higher vibrational energies are having an impact on us, helping us to awaken and start releasing low vibrational energies from our electromagnetic field.

Many of us are still in the 3rd Dimension but many more of us are in the 4th Dimension too and it really depends on how much self-development work you do, what type of foods you eat and how much spiritual growth you undertake. Tools such as meditation will help you get to the 5th Dimension, because it changes your brainwaves, makes you more coherent, and helps you to get to the Theta, Delta or Gamma states. Prayer also helps you to get to the Gamma state, because it’s not about religion, it's about you and your connection to 'source' and the energy field. There are many groups around the world who are practicing group meditations to help humanity rise, along with indigenous tribes who are praying for humanity too. Because of our collective consciousness we can change, or bend, matter in the energy field which is how the group meditations and prayers work.

So, as we are moving into the 5th dimension more and more of us will start to resonate more at a higher vibrational frequency, which is the frequency of love, compassion, peace etc.

and this in itself will move us into a more peaceful world.

The problem that we have in our current world and indeed being 3rd or 4th dimensional is that we have a lot of density; a lot of physical density that we are having to work through. And this physical density is keeping us trapped in a lower vibration that is not serving us well. Individually and collectively. So, our job, is to clear this density, out of our physical body, which we can do energetically. We can change the physical body, by changing the energy body, and there are many tools and techniques to do this.


We can also change the way we see the world, and instead of being pulled sideways by anger, fear, annoyance and frustration, we can begin to see these low vibrational emotions as information or a message. When we get triggered by something or someone then we need to go inside ourselves and ask “why was I triggered by this?” “what is the lesson I need to learn from this?”. It’s fine to feel sadness, grief, fear and even emotional pain, because it’s information from your body guiding you into where you need to heal. The only thing that we need to remember to do, is not to sit in these low vibrational messages for too long. They are meant to be an alert to something we need to address, which we address by taking action. Action moves the energy through the body, and stops it getting stuck. Traumatic experiences will probably need some deeper energy healing, as the subconscious mind has a tendency to show us things again and again.

So, if you're living in a reality that you don't like, then it's a sign that you need to start working on yourself and clearing away all of this lower density ‘fog’. The more we clear it, the happier and healthier we will feel because it's also this lower vibrational trapped energy, that can go on to create disease. Depending on how long it's been in your energy field, will dictate how long it takes to clear.


There are many ways we can start clearing this low density ‘fog’ from our field, from talking it through with coaches, to journaling every day (to understand what thoughts and feelings you are holding onto in your energy field), to energy healing (to clear any subconscious resistance to things – called limiting beliefs) to mantra’s, affirmations and guided meditations. Even just keeping a gratitude journal and writing 10 gratitude’s a day can change your life in a week, because its mostly about putting the high vibrational energy back in, which can be done through your subconscious mind. Thanks to Neuroplasticity we can rewire our minds into anything we want to and it only takes as little as 21 days (maybe 66 days in some people).

So, there you have it, there's the 5th dimension – the dimension of LOVE, PEACE and COMPASSION.


Some of us are already in the 5th dimension and as such we are able to see more of what’s in the energy field, because there’s a lot more than just physical matter, and what we can see around us. There are frequencies, vibrations and energies around us all the time – you can call these entities, spirits, consciousness or whatever works for you, because there are 10 Dimensions (+ 1 dimension of time) and each dimension is infinite in its own right. As Michio Kaku says there could be a 7th Dimension right above your head. This means that we can connect to energy around us too. When we start to see orbs, aura’s and more we are seeing or perceiving energy, and more of the energy field. It’s always been there but we were ‘stuck’ in the 3rd or 4th Dimension so we couldn’t ‘see’ or perceive it.

The consciousness of our loved ones who have passed on, still exists, it all does, because thoughts are energy and energy cannot be destroyed. It's what we call the Akashic field, but essentially it's frequency or consciousness. There's so much more to the energy field than we can see. And we already know this is the case because we have mobile phones that we speak to each other on; we can't see how they work, but we speak to each other so we know they work. These are also frequency waves that we can't see. Don’t let fear take over, because it’s just information and knowledge that we can tap into for the benefit of us.

Now that more of us are becoming more open minded, we will start stepping into the 5th dimension faster, because it’s mostly fear or limited thinking holding us back, from accessing these super abilities that we all possess. By letting the fear, depression and emotional pain go from our energy field, we are freeing ourselves to step into a life that we want; more abundance, prosperity and anything else we want to experience. We create it with our own minds, but if our own mind is broadcasting a different signal to the one that we want to broadcast (from the subconscious) then our life will not match our true dreams. The one that our heart wants.


In the 5th Dimension manifestation works faster, because energy travels faster than physical form. Energy is light, it's more energizing, it's higher vibrational. So, when we manifest in the 3rd Dimension, manifesting takes a long time because often we're blocking it with a 101 things that we have going on in our subconscious mind - the ancestral trauma, the conditioning, the programming from our childhood. Even watching movies, can programme you into thinking or believing a certain way – films that have got people drinking tons of coffee, drowning their sorrows in alcohol and struggling. This is all going into our subconscious programming, and the mind cannot tell the difference between something that's real and something that’s in the film, so it believes that this is the life that we are living – and creates more of it.

It's really important to be careful what you watch, what you read and what you listen to, and who you spend your time with, because you're either creating more subconscious programming or its mixing with the stuff that’s already in there and creating confirmation of what you think to be true. For example, most of us believe that making money is hard work, and you have to work round the clock, drinking coffee to keep you going. This is not true, and the sooner your mind can realise this and you can change your thinking around it, the better your health and wealth will be.

Essentially the more work you do on yourself, the more you'll notice that you begin to faster. Just keep doing the journaling, healing, therapies and learning so you can unpick who you thought you were and get back to who you really are.

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