What does surrender to the universe really mean and how do we achieve it?

The problem with the online world is that there is a lot of mis-used or over-used terminology that makes it very confusing to understand quite what people are talking about. This then leaves it open to our interpretation of their meaning - which of course, is where the problem lies. We see, and thus interpret the world, based on where we are now. As the saying goes “we only know what we know” and other peoples comments are then filtered through our own perceptions or understanding of the world around us. Not only does this cause a lot of the problems in the world from religious and racial fights to viral social media arguments and lots more, it all seems rather petty when you are on the outside looking in. Why can't we just get along? Because our ego stops us.

Here are two pieces of advice that may help. First, whatever you experience, read, see or hear, first stop and acknowledge that you are filtering this through your own perception of reality, and don’t react to it. You can do this by counting to 10 and then responding as this allows your conscious mind to kick in. The subconscious mind is always the first to respond but after 7 seconds the conscious mind switches on. This allows you to stop reacting from the pre-programming and conditioning of your childhood (or past generations) and allows you to consider what they are saying from a more conscious viewpoint.

Secondly, let the ego go. The ego is the part of you that allows you to live in a physical body and it simply means 'I'. Without the ego we would not exist, but the ego is essentially all the parts of us that are logical, thinking and conscious. This may seem like a contradiction but let me explain. For example, who understands the term ‘surrender to the universe”? Being a logical thinker it took me a lot of time to understand this and even longer to achieve it (this can never be achieved 100% all the time) but by coming at it via asking myself “what is stopping me from achieving this state” I understood that it is the ego stopping me from achieving this state. And rightly so.

The ego’s job is to keep us in our physical body and denial, disbelief, ridicule, anger, fear, judgement and lots more stem from this. It is the decision maker inside us and is actually more like our loyal friend who says when we decide to walk on rooftops in our college days “I might fall, I better come down from here”. It is simply doing it’s job. Surrendering to the universe simply means letting go of the ego aka physical self so that you can start to experience the synchronistic state more often and thus connect with the energy field for more support, guidance and wisdom.

Obviously we can never let go of it completely whilst we live in this body, because then we would quite literally not be on this planet, but we can learn to incorporate it more into our lives. We connect to the energy field aka the synchronistic state via our subconscious mind, but our subconscious mind is also filled with programming that is keeping us inside this reality that we (possibly) don't want. Working through the subconscious mind, letting go of hidden limited thinking and opening ourselves up to a more abundant state is our aim, because then we can start to manifest a new reality. One that we do want.

The energy field is always trying to help you, but if you are not switched onto this help then you won’t hear it, feel it, know it or see it. How do we achieve this state? We need to go inside ourselves to access our true innate super minds but the problem is that running a busy business and being focused on worries, stress and (of course) making more money takes precedence. We actually start to shoot ourselves in the foot and become even more focused on the physical reality, that we are trying to change.

In order to change this reality and achieve something new, we need to pull our energy back to us (let the pettiness of life go), go inwards and get back into flow. Flow pulls the energy field, and the synchronistic state, in, whereas push, pushes it away.

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