Solving your business problems by shifting your energy

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Why is it the second we make a decision to do something in our lives or business things change and we often don't even have the original problem anymore? Well there is a reason and here's why.

The minute we make a decision we free up a lot of stuck and stagnating energy. This is documented and we can actually record the release of energy from our mind when we decide on something. It's all about our energy and taking a decision allows us to release trapped energy - thus freeing up more space - which in turn opens up space to let more energy back in - just make sure it's abundant 'having' energy rather than lower vibrational 'wanting' energy.

When we make a decision to do something we energetically open up more space and start to see the world from a new perspective - raising our levels of consciousness is all about shifting our perspective, which is why learning and working on our own minds does the same thing. We are made of energy, everything is made of energy, including our thoughts, perspective, opinions and feelings - changing our internal energy, in whatever way that means, changes our external situation.

If this sounds weird, think about it for a minute. Why is it that the second you decide to go to the hairdressers or doctors, you suddenly start to like your hair or feel better? It's because your feelings and thoughts about your hair were just stuck 'negative' energy, and were simply your opinion (perspective). All your thoughts and feelings are opinion aka perspective, and can get trapped as negative energy (emotions) and lead to a limiting thought pattern or belief.

Of course, I am not saying don't go to the doctor, I am saying that the second you make a decision you shift your perspective; which in turn releases trapped or stuck energy and gives you more 'space' to see or feel things that you couldn't see or feel before. Releasing trapped negative energy (emotions) can also heal you, because cutting edge science is showing that we can heal ourselves. It makes sense to me considering that we are also made of energy, but I'll leave that for another day.

The same can be said for signing up to a course or to work with a business coach. Suddenly it all seems clearer - that ideal client you were struggling to find is now as clear as day. Or that problem that you felt was insurmountable has vanished into thin air.

This is how it works and why the field of energy is such an exciting area to work in - not only is it cutting edge science but it's also revolutionary for your life and business success. Quite simply changing your energy can help you find clarity in your business, in minutes, on even the hardest problems. It's what they call an 'aha' moment.

If you are looking for more clarity in your business then book a discovery call HERE and let's bust through those unhelpful perspectives.

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