• Elisabeth Hancock

Why business strategists are modern day clairvoyants

Updated: 4 days ago

Having worked in business for 30 years it recently occurred to me that strategists or 'big vision' people are actually seeing the future. This is not prophecy or fortune telling because the future is not stationary and we change it every time we take action or our next step. It's that they are seeing the future they want and then creating it to make it happen. Of course this sounds obvious, but is it really? Can you close your eyes and see what you want? Well, it turns out that most us can't see what we want. Most of us are confused and don't see the future with clarity. And this is where business or life strategists come in handy.

What us strategists see is your full potential and what lights you up and then we look to the future to find your best path in life. The path that takes you to your purpose. The path that allows you to experience joy every day. And the path that brings you your goals in life. And because I have worked in business for so long I also add in things like ideal clients, positioning, pricing, planning, energetic alignment and lots more to help you accelerate and move forward in your business faster. Only 3% of the world's population set goals, but when we set goals we achieve more in life, so why don't we set them?

I believe it's because we can't see them, and if we can't see them then how can we achieve them. I feel that most of us are either not able to see our perfect future (or believe we can have it) or we think that we need to know every minute detail of how to get there. You don't have to know this part, because this is the journey - the path of your life. We can't plan out everything and then follow that path to our success because this is not how life works. Life is messy, plans change, circumstances change. The only thing that we can be certain of is what we want to achieve in life - what our goals are or what our vision is. The rest we make up as we go along.

If you are struggling to see your vision then work with a strategist who can see it for you. I use a variety of tools from questionnaires to tests to reading your energy fields. We can all read energy fields it's just that most of us don't know we are doing it. Book a free consultation and find out more HERE.

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