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How to get yourself in FLOW

Flow is so important to our lives and yet so many of us are not in flow. But what does flow mean exactly? Well for me, it's the opposite of effort. The second you feel effort in your life you need to stop and take a step back. It's when you are pushing yourself through life with caffeine and sugar to keep you going. It's when you feel exhausted but you can't take a break until next Easter. Push feels like the front of my head to me - it's the impatient, stressy and snappy me. Whereas on the other hand I know I am in flow when life feels calm and relaxed even though I have piles to get through. Enjoying what you do helps enormously. There's no pressure. I am more conscious during my day. Trusting my own judgement and path. Sitting in my own power and not giving it away to others.

But how do we get to be in flow in today's insane, busy and stressful world?

Here's some tips:-

1. Every hour take a break (set the alarm if you have to) and either move your body while listening to music (this moves your energy around whilst the joy of dancing replenishes your energy field) or do something really pleasurable - and enjoy doing it. For me this is really savouring my morning cup of tea and feeling grateful for it (feeling grateful is a super energy and works with everything).

2. Work out when your energy highs and lows are and schedule your work within those times. Like most people, my brain is clearer first thing in the morning so this is when I do my content and book writing. In the afternoon I have kid duties and often feel tired so I do more automatic stuff such as emails, online techy stuff and meetings. I usually get a second wave of energy in the evening but I try and go to bed early these days so I only use it as backup if I have a deadline.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff. If fact don't sweat any stuff and make conscious decisions on things. Of course there will always be difficulties and stressors but try and deal with what you can - if you hate doing social media then either make a plan to outsource it, do less of it (you only need to pick the best 2 performing platforms to post on), schedule it (you'll be amazed how much time you claim back doing this) or adopt the inspired social media strategy, which is what I do. You only post (or schedule your posts) when you feel inspired. This allows you to send out high vibrational energy to people and not fed up "I hate doing social media" energy - you are energy and and so are your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You work on an attraction basis so what you send out, you also get back.

4. Change how you react to things. Drama is addictive so think about how you react to things. Do you make things worse with your reaction? Stats tell us that most of us do as 90% of the circumstances of our lives comes from how we react to things not what happened to us. That's huge and worth exploring because we really do create our own lives by how we react to the people and things around us.

If you find it hard to get yourself into flow then ask yourself why not and start journaling on it. What little stories have you got going in there? What have you inherited from your parents or ancestors? (memories are passed down in our DNA). The answers are all inside your head or energy field. Meditate. Journal. EFT. These are my 3 go to's. Need some help? Then book a free 20 minute call HERE and let's talk or book an energy reading / healing HERE.

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