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How to Find your Brand Story

It's not just about finding your brand story, it's also about trusting in it, because trusting in your brand story helps you to trust in you. Your brand story brings your attention to a running theme in your life - one that's probably been there since you were young, and it keeps coming back. Those little thoughts that keep popping back into your mind when you get that inspirational moment. Those feelings that tell you this is the right path for you, if you would just trust in yourself. Those moments of complete clarity when you can finally see the path through the chaos. This is who you really are. This is your authentic self. This is your super mind, superconscious mind or higher self talking to you, keeping you on track with your true dreams and innate wisdom.

My running theme has always been helping people to live amazing lives and thrive because I truly believe that we all deserve to feel genuine joy, happiness and fulfillment in life. What is it that you truly believe in? What is it that you are trying to spread across the world? Do you want to make people laugh? Do you want to impress people? Do you want to create a better world? Do you feel called to help children or animals? Whatever it is you want, this will have started a while ago.

Loving what you do isn't always enough to sustain us for decades to come. In my opinion true sustainability and fulfillment comes from finding out why you are doing this. Money is not a natural motivator because it is extrinsic and once you have enough to satisfy your survival state, your feelings will change. What we need are intrinsic motivators - these come from within. Our Brand Story needs to come from within.

So, how do we find our brand story?

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Tell your Ego to go to sleep.

Now ask yourself what you loved doing the most when you were 5 years old. Say the answer out loud (I record myself on the Otter App) or write down the answer. Now ask yourself what you loved doing when you were 10 years old. Finally ask yourself what you loved doing most when you were 15 years old. Put all the answers to one side and grab a large sheet of paper.

On this paper start drawing a line that represents your life. At each point where something memorable, important or life changing has happened (good or bad) draw a squiggle. After you have finished go back and write down what happened at each squiggle. What did you learn from it? How did it make you feel? Why does it feel important to you? How did it effect your life?

At the bottom of the piece of paper write down what you loved doing as a child. Now write down what you love doing now. Are there any similarities?

Compare your passions to the meaning in your life, are there any correlations?

Now journal every night for 7 days on these question "What is my Brand Story?" "Why is this the right Brand Story for me?"

If you find it hard to journal and write down any answers that resonate with you, then try doing some meditation first, as this really helps to open up your super mind so you can access more information.

If you get stuck or need any help, just drop me a line on

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