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Why successful business owners already know their future

Updated: 4 days ago

Having worked with business owners for 3 decades I know what visionaries and leaders think like. I have worked with enough of them to see that they can actually see the future, because they know that they create their future.

As soon as they see their future they not only set about creating it but they can see it. Successful business owners know something that the rest of us don't. They know that whatever they want to create they can create. They know that imagination is a form of clairvoyance. And they know that if they see it enough times they bring it into being; into form.

Visionaries and leaders see their future clearly and feel no fear around reaching it. Fear is simply a feeling telling them they are on the right path, whilst failure doesn't even exist, it's simply part of the journey. They confidently steer their ship in the direction of their vision and simply just keep taking step after step after step until one day they are there.

Why can't the rest of us do this?

We all can and this is the first step. Developing and maintaining a clear vision towards what you want from your life (your purpose) whilst energetically checking in with yourself on a regular basis is key and there are many ways to do this.

Meditation is the best but if you struggle with this you can practice guided meditations instead. Journalling is another brilliant way to find more clarity but if you have never tried journalling after doing a meditation then you are missing out on developing very clear sight (and then combining this with your intuition or energy to feel into what's right for you), whilst finally tapping into your energy field around you to pick up your true thoughts and feelings and understand yourself in more detail.

If you are struggling with this then why not book a session with me where we dive into your energy field, also known as the Akashic records to understand yourself, your purpose, your genius and your passions in more detail. Book HERE.

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