6 ways to manage our energy so we can get back to growing a successful business again.

Updated: Feb 24

When things start to get busy in our business, our brain tends to freeze, as it madly tries to get itself back into its comfort zone. Starting out as a little niggle, before we know it, its taking over our whole body as we start to feel more anxious and stressed. The less action we take, the more stressed we will feel, because our energy is directed by action. Our energy needs to be in flow, and taking action (or running our energy every day - more about that later) is how we get it flowing.

And with that here is my top 6 list for how to get ourselves back in focus and managing our energy again, so we can achieve more success:-

  1. Journaling or the action of writing (this is action too) will help get everything out of your head and onto the paper in front of you. Now you can see how much you have to do. Once it's out of your 'head', your energy is free to start flowing again - and flow is fundamental for your energy. Our mind uses up 25% of our energy so freeing this up first is crucial. Now your mind is clear to start 'doing' again.

  2. Next you can use Brian Tracey's prioritization model (see image below) for what things to focus on first. If you are new to business and you're trying to see what things to focus on first, just focus on doing things that will allow you to make money faster in your business. What can you sell now? Can you create some passive income products that you can start to market? Can you create any e-books or workbooks that you can sell now? Most of us have built up a lifetime's worth of knowledge, so there is always something that will be useful for others. If you are creating products then think about what problem you can solve for your customers and create a product that solves it.

  3. Learn to be patient because success doesn't come overnight and building a business takes time. This is one of the biggest reasons how we mess up our manifesting skills. We are all manifesting all of the time, so it's not necessarily something we need to learn to do, it's far more about managing our energy, so we do it well. If our energy is off then we are off, and we will not be able to manifest the future that we want to experience: Patience, frustration, 'push', stress - these are all low vibrational energies and we cannot manifest from a low vibrational point.

  4. Meditate or spend time each day working on your energy, because as all successful business people know, it's all about our energy. Getting our energy back into a high vibrational state is not as hard as it sounds, but it is something that you will need to do every day, and that is where we tend to go wrong. We often give up doing things that are good for us and slip back into our 'old' self sabotaging ways. However the sooner you do this, the more successful you will become. Incorporate a daily meditation (you can use one from my website if you like) or mindfulness routine into your day and do it first thing before you start work. Energy first, then business.

  5. Create positive affirmations or mantras and bring them into your daily life for things that you want to be, do or have. Our thoughts (and energy combined) create our life, so taking time to be more present about our thoughts and working on sending out intentional desires is fundamental. Mantras such as "I am worthy of receiving more financial abundance into my life" or "I create success with the positive actions I take in my business" or "I attract financial wealth and abundance into my life" can work well. Alternatively, try tapping into your heart and find some heart-felt desires that you want to attract and say those out loud every day too.

  6. Lead from the heart more often, because this is the highest vibrational energy that you can sit in every day. I firmly believe that our business should not only be heart or soul-led but it should also be something that we love to do. If we lead from the heart or soul then success comes faster, and overwhelm and stress are reduced.

As you can see from the above, only 2 factors are 'action' based everything else is mindset, and thats exactly because business success is all about mindset. Yes, when you are first starting out you need to do things like website, social media, marketing and creating things to sell, but once you have done these, its simply about keeping at it, keeping turning up, and keeping your energy high vibrational so you can work with your energy, not against it.

If you want to learn more then listen to my podcast, where I talk all about business, vision, mindset and energy. Click Here.

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