Interview with Caroline Le Bouchere

Famous grey haired model Caroline Le Bouchere and I talk about women in business, creating your own reality and being a working mum.

4 episodes, filmed by 0 Miles Utopia.     


Watch more episodes by going to my YouTube channel. 

The Importance of Keeping it Real

Talking to Maire at Morris Fashion Consultancy in her keeping it real series, where we discuss the ups and downs of business, not getting up at 5am and why running your own business, in your own way, is the key to success. 

Business success is a journey, not an end goal. 


Guest Agony Aunt for UK Magazine

Acting as a guest Agony Aunt for a major UK magazine with a readership of  1,129,284. 


The weekly publication is aimed at women and provides life tips, guidance and support for it's readers.