Intuitive Coach

Working with talented business leaders, CEO's and entrepreneurs I use a three step approach to growing your business:-



What makes you tick? What do you love doing more than anything else? What are you so good at that time stands still? Where are you heading and why? By reading into your energy field we start to access more information about you, including your big vision. 

Whether you are a millionaire or just starting out we are all sabotaging ourselves, we just have different levels of sabotage. Finding your level and busting through it with mindset and energy work is fundamental and will shift through stagnation, fast. 

Learning to work your energy in a way that supports your life will radically transform your business; helping you to get back to a more abundant and prosperous state. I use a wide variety of tools and techniques and also introduce you to the wonderful world of Energetics. 

If you feel that your business is stagnating, you have reached a plateau or your actions are not working anymore then why not book a call to see how we can get you thriving again. 


Elisabeth has been a key factor in the pivoting of my business. She has helped me to connect to my vision, gain more clarity, and connect to my heart. I find her combination of strategic planning, combined with a more intuitive and holistic approach has helped both me and my business. Elisabeth is a true professional, genuinely cares about her clients and has a wealth of knowledge

Sirin, Feel Good Coach


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