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Intuitive Business & Life Strategist

Working with business owners and entrepreneurs I help them to connect back to their vision, dreams and purpose so they can feel more fulfilled, have more clarity and grow their business in a more sustainable and enjoyable way. Business success doesn't happen overnight which is why my methods are best suited to more established entrepreneurs but I have worked with startups too. 


I have a unique way of working with clients because we work with your energy field and the quantum field around you; working energetically to create more alignment and strategizing your plans and goals moving forward.  


Our business can never outgrow our own limitations which is why we also work on you to uncover what's holding you back. With a Masters in people development and as a Master NLP practitioner and energy healer I help you to see inside your own 'head' and move through layers faster, enabling you to step up to that 'next level' in your business. 

If you want to know more about 'Business Energetics' then book a free consultation below or listen to my podcast here - Energetic Business & Life


Elisabeth has been a key factor in the pivoting of my business. She has helped me to connect to my vision, gain more clarity, and connect to my heart. I find her combination of strategic planning, combined with a more intuitive and holistic approach has helped both me and my business. Elisabeth is a true professional, genuinely cares about her clients and has a wealth of knowledge

Sirin, Feel Good Coach


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